Hybrid Meetings Showcase


Hybrid Meetings

In a hybrid event, there is an in-person audience and a virtual audience, each experiencing the meeting from different viewpoints. Through our television software, we are able to bring both of these worlds together, creating a unique and professional meeting for all attendees.

Planning A Successful Hybrid Meeting

It takes a small team of people to run a successful hybrid event. You need to have the right equipment, cameras, microphones, lighting, multiple computers and software.

Above is a sample recording of the live-streamed Hybrid Meeting for the S2 Chapter of Provisors in Santa Barbara.  This was a 2-camera production run by a single person.  The event was streamed to other Chapters of Provisors on Zoom.

Just wanted to drop a note to thank you so much for including us in the forum. We’ve had some great discussions with the groups we matched with. I can tell you, unequivocally, that this was the best virtual forum we’ve done. Efficient, engaged and interactive discussions, and…no issues at all on the tech front!!


I want to thank you for your quality work, quick turnaround and responsiveness. We’ll be back very soon with a new one.

John S.